Family-Based Immigration

Certain foreign nationals who are related to US citizens or lawful permanent residents may be eligible for lawful permanent residence based on their familial relationship. There are several categories of family based immigration that allow a path to residency. Once the immigrant visa process is approved, foreign nationals present in the United States may be eligible to adjust status to permanent residence while those outside of the US would apply for their immigrant visas at a consulate abroad.

These visa categories include:

  • Immediate Relative Visa
    Spouses, unmarried children under 21, and parents of US citizens are eligible for lawful permanent residency as ‘immediate relatives.’ One substantial benefit of this visa category is that is not subject to visa backlogs from other family-based immigrant visa categories.
  • Other Family Based Categories
    US Citizens may sponsor their children (married and unmarried), spouses, and brothers/sisters for immigrant visas while lawful permanent residents may sponsor unmarried children and spouses.
  • Removal of Conditions
    Individuals who were granted conditional resident status through marriage to a US citizen or lawful permanent resident must file for a removal of those conditions within 90 days of their status expiration.

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