Mandamus Victory — Pending I-829 Finally Approved

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Congrats to our Partner, Niral Patel, Esq., who successfully secured the first I-829 approval for our client in CMB Regional Centers‘ Group XVII. Our client was frustrated that their I-829 petition was still pending after over 4 years even after their project was clearly already completed and all necessary jobs created.

Our firm filed a Writ of Mandamus and USCIS promptly began the I-829 adjudication process within 90 days, including a site visit and an RFE requesting details of the project’s final job creation and completion (both standard procedure and evidence that USCIS is finally adjudicating the I-829s linked to an EB-5 project). Barely a month after the RFE response was submitted, we received an email from our overjoyed client that they had finally received their I-829 approval and thanking us for fighting for their family and making sure they completed their immigration journey (and thank you to the CMB team for swiftly providing all the evidence requested so that the client could promptly respond to the RFE). Our firm has always been proud to aggressively fight on behalf of our clients and will continue our mission to zealously advocate for all the families that rely on us.

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